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At Reply, we seek to understand, and customize care for, each individual patient. We believe that patients should be listened to, and our commitment to patient education helps women become true partners in their care.  Our cooperative ob/gyn services include CenteringPregnancy® prenatal care, infertility/subfertility services, fertility awareness education and personal health coaching.

We respect the natural brilliance of the body, practicing a cooperative approach that works with the body. In this way, we see the care we provide as a unique response, or reply, to each patient, helping her flourish through every stage of life.

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NAPRO: A Quiet Revolution

NaPro seeks to heal the reproductive cycles of women suffering from infertility and other women’s health issues – not simply to mask problems with IVF and by prescribing contraceptives.  NaPro is an organized scientific system that works with a woman’s body, instead of suppressing it like birth control or attempting to surpass it through IVF.  If you know anyone struggling with infertility, this film may be an answer to their prayers. Here is a special offer for you to share with others the groundbreaking work of dedicated physicians who practice NaProTECHNOLOGY, a proven method of fertility care.

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